Company Profile

Guangdong Homezest Tech. Co., Ltd. evolves from Homezest Electrical Mfg. Co., Ltd. which was found in 1998. Homezest is a comprehensive technical private own enterprise integrated Innovation, R&D, production and sales of beverage products, such as electric coffeemakers and kettles. Homezest covers 20K square meter, and located in Wusha Industrial Park of Shunde district, Foshan city, where is near Guangzhou City and Shunde-Hongkong Port with convenient transport and elegance of environment.
Since the establishment of Homezest, we focus on industry of household appliances, insist on innovation by ourselves, positively invest in R&D with electric coffee maker as the leading product.

Coffee Culture

"Coffee" comes from the Greek word for "Kaweh", meaning "strength and passion".Coffee trees belongs to mountain pepper of evergreen shrubs, daily consumption of coffee is made of coffee beans with different kinds of cooking utensils, and coffee is coffee tree fruit of nuts, then use the appropriate baking and baking method.
      Around the world, people are becoming more and more love to drink coffee.Enter the "coffee culture" is full of life every moment.No matter at home or in the office, or various social occasions, people in the coffee: it is gradually accompanied with fashion and modern life.

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